Four men arrested for harassing their wives

Visakhapatnam four men, including a doctor, were arrested in the airport police station limits and were sent on remand on Tuesday for allegedly harassing their wives.

The accused including Dr. Santosh from Madhavadhara, Chandra Sekhar from Santhinagar area near NAD Junction, Manideep from Ambedkar Colony and Sankara Rao from Srinivasa Nagar.

Of the four arrested, two men are reportedly alcoholics. The others have accusations of dowry harassment against them.

According to the police, 43 year-old Chandra Sekhar married Dhanalakshmi a couple of years ago. The police say that his wife had complained of torture against her husband.

In another case, Urmila (26) who is a doctor by profession, complained that her doctor husband, Santosh had become addicted to alchol and was abusing her both physically and emotionally. The third one to be arrested was 33 years old Manideep. His wife 22 years old Tejeswani complained to the police that her husband was harassing her for dowry.

Yerra Sankar Rao 43 was also arrested for harassing hi wife Yerra Uma under the influence of alcohol. The police counselled the accused husbands before sending them on judicial remand.