Decentralised Governance.. CM Jagan

AP Chief Minister YS Jagan is going to present an innovative solution to the controversy over the Andhra Pradesh capital. The chief minister said that Government conducting studying on the capital through the two organisations. Jagan said the two reports would come in one and two weeks and their government would decide on the capital after reviewing them. CM Jagan said that whatever decision the government take, the decision would be taken to look after the well-being of the AP. CM Jagan fires on Chandra Babu on conspiracy run under Land Pooling.

Chandrababu has allotted 4,070 acres in the capital to his Benamis and his men. Jagan mentioned the South African formula in his speech. South Africa has three capitals. Similarly, there are chances of making an innovative decision, Jagan said. The chief minister gave the hint that the existing Amaravati would be the capital of the legislature.

Recalling the tremendous infrastructure in Vishakha, there are opportunities to set up an administrative capital. Similarly, Kurnool city has the potential to be identified as the judicial capital, said CM Jagan.

However, Jagan said that so far, his government has not taken any decision on the capital issue. The two committees appointed to the study will report in the next two weeks and an appropriate decision will be taken after a thorough discussion on them, Jagan said.