State as 4 Regions. The GN Rao Committee

GN Rao committee to submit report to AP CM Jagan, and revealed key points in their report to the media. Committee said there are Regional Inequalities in the State and made key suggestions for the development of the state. For ease of administration, the 13 districts of the state should be divided into four regions, the GN Rao Committee has advised the government. Uttara Andhra Region with Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram and Visakha Districts. Central Andhra Region with East and West godawari Districts and Krishna District. South Andhra region with Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore districts. The Rayalaseema Region has been set up with four districts in Seema.

The assembly continued in Amravati and proposed setting up of governance buildings in the Mangiri Giri area, away from the river. Recommended setting up a High Court bench in Amravati, The quarters of the ministers will be there.. The High Court bench in Vishakhapatnam recommended , the CM Camp Office, the Secretariat and the summer Assembly sessions will be organized in Visakhapatnam. According to the Sree Bagh Covenant the High Court will set up in Kurnool.

The state government has invested in Tuluru area. So, it is suggested that these structures be used for departments. It said the capital should be developed in the rest of the region rather than in the flood affected area. While some areas of the state are well developed, others are lagging behind. The Committee advised to achieve equitable development between regions.For the regional balance of capital Indicated the distribution of capital functions.

The Committee recommended a two-pronged development strategy for regional balance. The four districts of Rayalaseema suggested development. The pressure is already high on 9 districts of the coast, It should be reduced. Focus on Rayalaseema districts. Proper use of forest and natural resources of the state. Said not to misuse natural resources in the name of development.

The committee said the contents of the report were included in the referendum. GN Rao Committee has suggested setting up environmentally friendly industries. The committee explained how decentralized should be. It also recommended that regional planning for regional development be balanced. The committee said that the urbanisation of Uttara Andhra and central Andhra Pradesh was high Urbanisation in South Andhra and Seema is low, recommendations for reducing this gap through decentralization.

The committee said it had traveled 10,600 km in 13 districts of the state. Officials from all districts, including representatives of the public, and the general public they met, there after analyzed over two to three months and recommended. The State has proposed the establishment of four Regions for administrative convenience. Buildings in Tuluru area should be used for departments. It is suggested that there should be development in the rest of the area, not in the flood affected area.

Speaking to media GN Rao said, the model suggest was the same Sri Krishna Committee suggested in first priority to Chandrababu which was ignored.