As a resident of Visakha I welcome; Ganta

TDP MLA and former Minister Ganta Srinivasarao has made it clear that he is welcoming the establishment of executive capital in Visakhapatnam. As a Visakhapatnam resident responding to the statement of CM YS Jagan he is welcoming and said it was a good idea. He noted that Visakhapatnam is the fastest growing city in the country. Visakhapatnam is the City of Destiny, He spoke to reporters on Tuesday.

As per the recommendations of the GN Rao Committee, all parts of the state will be coordinated. Equal development will take place in all areas through development decentralization, he said. If Vishakhapatnam is made the administrative capital, further development is possible. Visakhapatnam is already home to people from different states and said it is a very peaceful city.

Visakhapatnam is a city well-suited to all forms of capital and the government has decided to increase the infrastructure in Visakhapatnam in the wake of the establishment of administrative capital. and urged to do justice Amravati the farmers.