Heavy rains to the state on Thursday and Friday

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Wednesday forecast low pressure in the northwestern Bay of Bengal and surrounding areas, which will bring heavy rains to the state on Thursday and Friday.

Thundershowers and light to moderate showers are expected in the northern coastal areas, south coastal areas, Yanam and Rayalaseema on Thursday and Friday. Except Rayalaseema, one or two places will receive heavy to very heavy rains.

Disaster Management Commissioner Kannababu advised the hinterland to remain vigilant in the wake of the warnings issued by the Meteorological Department. Authorities were ordered to be ready to evacuate people to safer areas.

Rivers and streams overflowing with heavy rains in the agency

Rivers and streams in East Godavari district agency have been flooded due to heavy rains since Wednesday morning.

Merger Zones .. Etapaka, Koonavaram, VRpuram Zones are prone to floods.

In the Chintoor zone, 11 villages in the Chintoor zone between Chintoor and VRpuram zones were closed due to flooding of Sokileru and Jallivari Goodem streams.

The people of the flooded villages are worried as the Godavari is gradually rising at Devipatnam.

Eluru zone in West Godavari district collapsed due to culvert erosion on Chintalapudi main road a short distance away. Traffic is light at this time of night.

Widespread rains lashed several parts of the state on Wednesday.