DGP responds on the Ammonium Nitrate

Andhra Pradesh DGP Gautam Sawang responds to the ammonium nitrate incident in Beirut. The DGP said there was no threat to the AP due to ammonium nitrate. Gautam Sawang made key remarks in a video conference with district SPs from the Mangalagiri office on Friday. Gautam Sawang said the police department was alerted to the ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut.

He said there was a special focus on the utilization of ammonium nitrate reserves across the state. Companies were instructed to strictly enforce regulations on the use of ammonium nitrate. Gautam Sawang advised not to hesitate to take legal action against those who violated the rules. Regulations made in 2012 on Ammonium Nitrate.

These are the instructions given to the ammonium Utilisers – Manufacturing is not permitted anywhere without a license. Do not move from one area to another without permission. Store only in licensed warehouses. Exports and imports should be carried out subject to regulations. Supply should be made only to selected licensees. Ammonium nitrate should not be transported in combination with explosives. Transportation in addition to purchased ammonium nitrate is not permitted. Employees under the age of 18, with disabilities and health problems should not be employed. Not to be used for blasting anywhere without permission. Ammonium nitrate packaging regulations must be strictly adhered.