Autonomous courts do not need the help of Chandrababu.

BJP national spokesperson, MP GVL Narasimha Rao commented that the autonomous courts do not need the help of Opposition leader Chandrababu. He said the courts were well aware of how to exercise their powers if conspiracies were to take place. He pointed out that it was not the right policy for politicians to interfere in the affairs of the courts. GVL‌ spoke to the media at his residence in Delhi on Tuesday.

Chandrababu knows more about systems than anyone else. There were days when he said things that were not in the systems were in his favor. During his tenure, the CBI was barred from entering the state. Today the central government is unlikely to intervene in any matter.

Chandrababu did not tell in the letter that he knew his phone was being tapped. The Center will not intervene in such matters unless it is brought to the notice of the courts. In 2015, his phone tapped but the whole state Knows what it was.

If Chandrababu wants any inquiry, he should write a letter to the Chief Minister. Not to the Prime Minister. The Center will cooperate if the state government collects any basic evidence and seeks an inquiry. At the request of the states, the CBI inquiry can be conducted only as per the directions of the courts.

The letter mentioned that the judges’ phones were also being tapped. Judges and courts have autonomy. They know very well how to exercise their powers.

Lakshmi Parvati’s petition filed in 2005 seeking CBI probe into Chandrababu’s assets has been pending for 14 years. This must have be a item for Guinness Book of World Records. How many years and what kind of stay is given is a very important factor.