‘Dragon’ wants to capture South China Sea, Vietnam gives information to India

Due to the staunch stand of the Indian Army in eastern Ladakh, China has been unable to carry out any activity, now it has increased its intervention in the South China Sea. At the same time, Vietnam has informed India about China’s move. Vietnam reported that China has been steadily increasing its military presence by deploying a large number of its warships and fighter jets, despite calls for restraint from many countries in the South China Sea, which is rich in precious water resources.

Vietnamese Ambassador Pham San Chow raised the issue during a meeting with Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla on Friday. According to a person associated with the meeting, the Vietnamese ambassador informed about the latest situation in the South China Sea. It also includes the Vietnamese sea area where the Indian state-run ONGC, along with the Vietnamese companies, is undertaking the oil exploration project.
However, no official details of this meeting have been released by the Foreign Ministry or the Vietnamese Embassy. After the meeting, Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava, through a tweet, had just informed the meeting of the Vietnam Ambassador and Foreign Secretary, who have a strong relationship with India and overall strategic partnership.

China considers the entire South China Sea as its own
Explain that China has been objecting to this project, claiming its authority over the entire South China Sea. The South China Sea is considered to be comparable to the Gulf countries in terms of hydrocarbon products. However, many ASEAN member countries, including Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei, continue to reject China’s claim.

China attempted to mine in 2014 for oil exploration on the Vietnamese claimed Parasal island. This led to anti-China riots in Vietnam, in which many Chinese factories were destroyed.

55 percent of India’s business movement
India has been supportive of the movement and use of resources in the South China Sea under all international regulations, including the 1982 Agreement on Maritime Law. For India, the South China Sea is not only important because of the projects being run by Indian companies, but also 55 percent of the Indian business has been going through this.

For this reason, India rejected the objections made by China on the oil deal with Vietnam. The US has also deployed its military warship close to the disputed island in view of the antics of the Chinese military.