Accident was negligence of the hospital management

We reject the claim of the Ramesh Hospital management that they had entered into an agreement with the Swarna Palace hotel thinking that it had all the permits and facilities. Failure to take care of the facilities at the time of leasing and failure to attempt to rectify the defects in the hotel even by the Aug 9th is completely negligence. – Court Said.

The court rejected the claim of Ramesh Hospital management that it had nothing to do with the incident in which ten Covid patients died in a fire accident at the Swarna Palace in Vijayawada Hotel. The Vijayawada Fifth Additional Metropolitan Sessions Court ruled that the incident was due to negligence on the part of the hospital management. It was clarified that the owner of the hospital made mistake in this whole affair. There is also basic evidence for this. The management of Ramesh Hospital did not escape from its responsibility.

  • A letter was written to the District Medical Officer (DMO) that the Swarna Palace Hotel would be used as the Covid Center.
  • At the time of signing the contract with the hotel, the Ramesh hospital was responsible for making sure that it had all the permits and facilities.
  • If bail is granted to the accused at this stage, the evidence and records will be tampered with and the investigation will be interrupted.
  • Ramesh Hospital CEO Dr Kodali Rajagopal Rao, GM Dr Kurapati Sudarshan and PRO P Venkatesh have filed petitions seeking bail in the Swarna Palace incident.
  • Vijayawada Fifth Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge V Srinivasa Anjaneya Murthy on Tuesday issued orders to this effect.