517 crore spent in five years on foreign visits of Prime Minister Modi, US-Russia and China went five times

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The government told the Rajya Sabha that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited 58 countries since 2015. 517 crore rupees were spent on them. In a written reply in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muralitharan gave details of the Prime Minister’s foreign visit and its results since 2015.

Muralitharan said that a total of Rs 517.82 crore was spent on the Prime Minister’s foreign trip. During this time, PM Modi visited the US, Russia and China five times each. Also made several visits to Singapore, Germany, France, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates. Some of those tours consisted of multiple countries at once, while also visiting only one country at a time.

The Prime Minister’s last visit was from 13–14 November 2019, when he visited Brazil to attend the BRICS conference. He said that Modi’s visits developed an understanding of those countries about India. At the same time, those countries helped strengthen India’s bilateral relations like trade and investment, defense.

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