Araku bus accident due to driver’s negligence – RTO

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The RTO said that the bus accident occurred in Araku valley of Visakhapatnam district due to driver’s negligence. RTO Rabindranath said that the brakes of the bus and the condition of the bus were absolutely correct and there were no defects in the bus.

He further said that the driver was very tired and sluggish due to which the driver could not control the speed of the bus and could not even detect the turning ahead. At the same time, he could not even guess the danger, due to which this accident occurred in which many people died and many people are still in critical condition.

He said that the bus appeared to be moving at a speed of 60 km per hour at the time of the accident. However, driver Srisailam said that at the time of the accident the bus was moving at a speed of 20 kmph.

He told that he warned everyone as soon as he lost control of the bus. Shouting and calling at the same time created an atmosphere of fear. He said that if there were no trees where the bus fell, then everybody would have died. He said that it was not right to pressurize him on Ghat Road. The driver said that the passengers wanted to reach Visakhapatnam at the earliest.

Meanwhile, ministers Allan Nani and Avanti Srinivas said that a committee has been formed to investigate the Araku incident. The investigation will be done under the aegis of Joint Collector, DTC, Paderu Sub-Collector.

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