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Raj and DK’s new web series ‘Guns and Roses’ based on a story like ‘Misfits of the World’ has been released on Netflix. Raj and DK have made a big name in the world of OTT by first making a brilliant series like ‘Family Man’ and then an average series like ‘Farzi’. The distance of both of them from the cinema is increasing continuously. The sequel of ‘Stree’ based on their story ‘Stree 2’ has started after a lot of struggle, but Raj and DK’s relationship with the big screen as directors after the film ‘A Gentleman’. It is running broken. The shooting of their another web series ‘Gulkanda Tales’ has also been completed although both of them are not its directors. These days both are busy making the Indian version of ‘Citadel’. Seeing the fate of Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Citadel’, both can only be wished for now.

The four corners of the world of opium

Raj and DK’s first association with Netflix was made in the web series ‘Guns and Roses’. The story revolves around a quartet around a fictional world set in the 90s. However, in the end credits of the series, listening to Shailendra Singh’s song ‘Hoga Tumse Pyaara Kaun’ from the 1981 release ‘Zamane Ko Dikhna Hai’, one feels that I wish the story could go back a little further. Well, let’s talk about the quartet. This story of two small towns with opium fields begins from where the four cut Atmaram brutally commits a murder. The one who was killed is also a notorious criminal of the area. His mechanic son, who repairs motorcycles, is trying to fake tears. The opium dealer of the area arrives at the funeral with his son and Lav Lashkar. And, on the other hand, in Damini, the narcotics officer of the area has an entry like Rishi Kapoor’s song. Now the web series ‘Guns and Roses’ is based on how these four characters of the story cross each other’s path. There is also a school in the middle of which some boys have a crush on the English teacher of the school. And, this teaser is focused on a motorcycle mechanic. Not seeing his health, but hearing the discussion of two murders at his hands.

Story of four decades ago

People who grew up in the 90s will get to see all the glimpses of that era in the web series ‘Guns and Roses’. The tadka of a song by Bryan Adams is also included among Hindi hit songs. I have been writing time and again that if the atmosphere of the story is set in the right way, then nothing is more helpful in filmmaking than in making the audience relate to the characters. From Ramgarh of ‘Sholay’ to the web series ‘Guns and Roses’, this thing is also proved. Although Raj and DK have maintained their stubbornness to mix abuses in the dialogues and due to this, one has to be careful while watching the series on smart TV in a family environment, but this time the case is better than ‘fake’. There are no established stars here like Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi, but Rajkumar, Dulquer, Adarsh and Gulshan have firmly taken care of the cots of the story.

Rajkumar and Dulquer’s big stakes

The work which looks difficult for Rajkumar Rao on the big screen, he does that work very well here. His character of Tipu Pana is enjoying the situation. The romance of the story is embellished by his struggle to write a scented love letter to his lover. Dulquer’s character of Officer Arjun is tough. His wife is beautiful and daughter is smart. There is also an angle in his family story of the uninvited girlfriend. After the film ‘Sita Ramam’, Dulquer has a good market share in the Hindi heartland. He has done a good job acting here as well. His character also gets a chance to screw the story at the last moment. Gulshan Devaiah has become the ‘villain’ in Chaar Kat Atmaram. The same look and the same anger in the eyes of a person who has become destitute of life. Adarsh Gaurav is in the role of the son of the kingpin of the opium mafia. Her future is written by her desire to have a boy to become the heir, but when her real desire is revealed in the end, things go a bit off track.

TJ Bhanu got the biggest chance

The web series ‘Guns and Roses’ is basically a story woven around male characters. But, there is also an underlying love story between these characters who seem unhappy with their respective parents. TJ Bhanu, who was seen as a police constable in the film ‘Afwah’, has played the role of Chandralekha, an English teacher. He is focusing on acting only. Her physique is different from the popular definition of Hindi cinema heroines. Somewhere in between the performances of Smita Patil and Nandita Das, she seems successful in trying to make a different line of her own. Satish Kaushik is in the character of the kingpin of the opium mafia. Seeing Satish on screen, who has said goodbye to the world, creates a different hook in the heart while watching this series. He has been an amazing artist. The stories used to be more amazing with him. Pooja Gaur, Vipin Sharma and Shreya Dhanwantri have the responsibility of maintaining the aura of these characters and they have performed it with full sincerity.

This boat sank where the water was less.

A common thread in Raj and DK’s storytelling has been brain puzzles since the beginning. He is a filmmaker for the conscious audience. The viewer has to be alert for when his story takes a hiccups and takes a new track. Even in the web series ‘Guns and Roses’, when the series tries to weave riddles after riddles by combining the seventh and eighth episodes together, it is difficult for the common viewer to keep the multiplication of the timeline going up and down for six episodes. appears to be. Aman Pant’s music does its best to hold the case but Sumit Arora, in Hindi adaptation of dialogues originally written perhaps in English, has turned Raj and DK’s abuses into Anurag Kashyap-marked ketchup. If the abuses are removed from the series, it can be given half a star, but for the time being, it would be better to settle the matter at three. In this too, half of the stars belong to the end credits of the series.

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