Exciting news for all our valued clients! The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has recently released a circular announcing the implementation of runway curbs at airports across the country. These curbs will enhance safety and efficiency during flight operations, ultimately benefiting both passengers and airline companies.

Improved Safety Measures

The AAI Chairman, Sanjeev Kumar, emphasized the importance of ensuring safe travel for all passengers. By closing the runways for flight operations from 9pm to 8am the next day daily, starting from November 15 for a duration of four and a half months, the AAI aims to conduct essential maintenance and upgrade work. This proactive approach will further enhance the safety measures in place.

During the closure period, the AAI will focus on runway repairs, installation of advanced lighting systems, and upgrading navigational aids. These improvements will significantly reduce the risk of accidents and provide a more secure environment for all passengers and aircraft.

Enhanced Efficiency for Better Travel Experience

The runway curbs implemented by the AAI will not only enhance safety but also improve overall efficiency at airports. By conducting maintenance work during off-peak hours, the AAI aims to minimize disruptions to flight schedules, resulting in a smoother travel experience for everyone.

Additionally, the installation of advanced lighting systems and upgraded navigational aids will enable pilots to navigate more accurately, especially during adverse weather conditions. This will reduce the chances of flight delays and cancellations, ensuring that our clients can reach their destinations on time.


The implementation of runway curbs by the Airport Authority of India demonstrates their commitment to providing the highest level of safety and efficiency in air travel. These improvements will undoubtedly create a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for all passengers.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the runway curbs and their impact on our operations. We are confident that these enhancements will exceed your expectations and contribute to making your journey with us even more remarkable. Fly with confidence and experience the difference!

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