District Collector Dr. A. Mallikarjuna said that the details of the house-to-house voter survey should be entered in the BLO app by the booth level officer from time to time. For that, the officials should cooperate with the field staff. On Wednesday, a review meeting on the progress of the voter survey was held with the EROs, AEROs and Secretariat BLOs in the district through video conference from the Collectorate. On this occasion, he said that everyone who has completed 18 years of age should be registered as a voter and for that BLVs should go door to door to collect information. Joint Collector Viswanathan, DRO Srinivasa Murthy, Election Supervisor Ramesh and staff participated in the meeting.

Collector A. Mallikarjuna directed officials not to take the services of ward volunteers in the door-to-door voter survey. He said that since they were not part of the official work of the state government, the volunteers had no role to play.

Door-to-Door Voter Survey

As part of our commitment to voter registration, we have initiated a house-to-house voter survey conducted by our dedicated Booth Level Officers (BLOs). The survey aims to collect information about individuals above 18 years of age who are eligible to register as voters. Our BLOs will be visiting every household to ensure no eligible citizen is left out.

Through the use of our BLO app, the details gathered during the survey will be entered in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date voter information. We encourage all our officials to cooperate with the field staff to make this survey a success.

Importance of Voter Registration

Voting is not just a right, but a responsibility that every citizen should take seriously. By registering as a voter, you have the power to choose the leaders who will shape the future of our district. Your voice matters, and it is through the democratic process that we can bring about positive change.

Registering as a voter is the first step towards making a difference in our society. It allows you to participate actively in decision-making and have a say in matters that affect your community. Whether it’s advocating for better infrastructure, healthcare, or education, your vote can contribute to the progress and development of our district.


At Maharanipet, we firmly believe in the strength of our democracy and the importance of every citizen’s participation. By conducting a thorough house-to-house voter survey and promoting voter registration, we are ensuring that no voice goes unheard. Let us stand together and empower democracy, making a positive impact on the lives of every individual in our district.

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