In recent news, the Visakhapatnam Cybercrime Police have made significant progress in their fight against loan app frauds that specifically target students. The arrest of two individuals involved in this criminal activity serves as a warning for everyone to stay cautious and informed.

The Arrested Suspects

The first suspect, Ch Subbarama Reddy, hails from Kalyanadurg in the Anantapur district. The second suspect, Dilip Kumar Patro, is a 31-year-old resident of Bhadrak, Odisha. Both individuals were apprehended by the Cybercrime Police, who have been diligently working to curb these fraudulent practices.

Cracking Down on Loan App Fraud

The arrest of these two individuals marks a significant milestone in the fight against loan app frauds. These scams have become increasingly common in recent times, targeting vulnerable students who are in need of financial assistance for their education. It is crucial for everyone to remain vigilant and aware of the risks associated with using loan apps.

With the help of advanced technology and dedicated teams, the Visakhapatnam Cybercrime Police have been able to track down the culprits behind these fraudulent loan apps. Their relentless efforts have ensured that justice is served and innocent individuals are protected from falling victim to such scams.

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