Assets under Management of National Pension System and Atal Pension Yojana cross 10 lakh crore rupees level

It is a moment of great pride for India as the Assets under Management (AUM) of the National Pension System (NPS) and Atal Pension Yojana (APY) have crossed the impressive milestone of 10 lakh crore rupees. This achievement reflects the confidence and trust that individuals and organizations have placed in these schemes for their retirement planning. The NPS and APY have emerged as powerful instruments for securing the future of millions of Indians.

This achievement also highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring the financial well-being of its citizens. With the increasing awareness and participation in these schemes, more and more individuals are now able to plan their retirement with confidence and peace of mind. The NPS and APY have not only provided individuals with a secure future but have also contributed to the growth and development of the economy as a whole.

Aditya-L1, India’s first space mission to study sun to be launched from Sriharikota this morning

India is all set to make history as it prepares to launch its first-ever space mission to study the sun. The Aditya-L1 mission, which will be launched from the Sriharikota spaceport, has generated immense excitement and anticipation among scientists and space enthusiasts alike. This groundbreaking mission aims to study the solar corona, solar emissions, and magnetic fields to enhance our understanding of the sun and its impact on Earth.

The Aditya-L1 mission is a testament to India’s prowess in space exploration and its commitment to scientific advancement. The launch of this mission marks a significant milestone for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and showcases India’s capabilities in the field of space science. It is a proud moment for every Indian as we embark on this extraordinary journey of unraveling the mysteries of the sun.

PM Narendra Modi hails UPI’s achievement of crossing one thousand crore transactions in a month mark for the first time

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has achieved a remarkable milestone by crossing one thousand crore transactions in a single month. This achievement is a testament to the growing popularity and acceptance of digital payments in India. The UPI has revolutionized the way we conduct transactions, making them faster, safer, and more convenient.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lauded this achievement and commended the efforts of various stakeholders in promoting digital transactions. This milestone is a step towards a cashless economy and reflects India’s progress in embracing technology for financial inclusion. With the increasing adoption of digital payments, we are paving the way for a digitally empowered India.

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